In today's world, there's a desperate need to bring society together.Fortunately, music has always been a tool that has been able to bring different groups of people together. It's simply a universal form of communication. Everyone loves good music, whether it's Pop, Rock,Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Blues, or Reggae.

RANDOM PLAY, has taken on the challenge and put the musical industry on its back and has vowed to change what you think, and how you listen to music. Formed, in the spring of 2003, with the simple philosophy that people enjoy all genres of music, RANDOM PLAY was born. The core of the band came from one of Pittsburgh's premier reggae bands. But while experiencing tremendous success, there was still something missing...Diversity.

Growing up musically meant not limiting yourself and these individuals decided that if the saying "life imitates art" was true, it was their duty to bridge the gap between different genres and styles. When it was all said and done, and with the final 2 members firmly in place, the snowball effect began to steamroll. RANDOM PLAY has since become Pittsburgh's favorite band.

Although many attempts have been made to try to categorize this band, not knowing what they're going to play next has made this virtually impossible. Some say they are a great "dance band", others say they are a great "pop/rock" band, some say their reggae makes you feel like you're in Jamaica, while others say they put on an awesome show at the blues club. What we say is simply...EXPERIENCE THE DIVERSITY.

Random Play has been seen making their way through and around various venues including, Monongahela Aquatorium, Rockin Willies, Crystal Lounge, Joey's the Edge, EON Grille, Club Cafe, Blue Note/Blues Cafe, Carnegie Blues Festival, Sports Rock Cafe, Nick's Fat City, Jay's Sports Bar (Iceoplex), Gibbie's(WVa), Sports Rock Cafe/The Loft, Nick's Fat City, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, CCAC, Red Star, South Side Works, and Heinz Field.